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Infyz Cloud based Cargo, Logistics and Services Platform (CLaS)

Smart, secure and scalable digital platform (CLaS) for operating ports, terminals, shipping lines, container depots, vehicle & equipment processing centers on a collaborative data ecosystem.

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Infyz Integrated CLaS Ecosystem

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Infyz Terminal Operations Management System - iTOMS

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Complete cloud-based product suite for single and multi-cargo operations. Infyz Terminal Operations Management System is a modern SaaS platform with an open-access interface via the cloud platform. It eases the connection between customers, suppliers, and other internal systems, in turn driving speed, simplicity, and accuracy to the historical and important back office interfaces.

It is an advanced, sophisticated mobile and web-enabled system developed on open source technologies to undertake the most complex port operations. We help our clients succeed through New Technology & Features that communicate clearly among stakeholders and achieve ROI goals.

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Shipping Line Software - iNauka

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Infyz Nauka is the most advanced mobile & web application developed on open source technologies.
iNauka is a modern SaaS platform with an open interface access via cloud platform- it eases the connection among different carriers and important back office interfaces for Shipping liners.

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Infyz Vehicle Booking System - iVBS

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iVBS is the most advanced mobile applications developed on open-source technologies. It is designed on a modern SaaS platform with an open interface accessed via the cloud.
It helps Terminals to allow trucking companies to book slots through the iVBS system, thereby avoiding the queues and the chaos, and resulting in a smooth and controlled flow at the gates.

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Infyz Equipment Processing System - iEPS

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iEPS handles value-added services in Equipment Processing Centers attached to Port Terminal or in a Plant outside.

Get access to iEPS via mobile and web-enabled applications for Equipment Processing Centers and terminals that lead to efficient time management and increased productivity for all stakeholders.

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Equipment Maintenance System - iEMS

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iEMS handles values added services in Port Terminals.

Easy access to mobile and web-enabled applications for Strategy Plans for and equipment, scheduled maintenance via Notifications and dashboards.

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Infyz Inventory Management System - iIMS

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iIMS handles stock, receipt, issue, and current inventory level along with purchase management functions.
IMS handles multiple stores, multiple location within an organization. Easy access to mobile and web-enabled applications via Notifications and dashboards.

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Digital Supply Chain

Digital ECO System

Eco system link between digital and operations to build the connections, drive transformations and improve business outcomes.

Smart Secure and Scalable Platform

Connected Vehicles, QRcode, RFID Scan, Google Map integration and other IoT connections became our new reality platforms.

Advanced Analytical Engines

Using real time business intelligence i.e., Big Data analytics to deliver information on business operations with near-zero latency time.

Block Chain

Block chain provides traceability, suitability and auditability through immutable provenance data of on-chain trusted transactions for port, shipping and logistics.


A.I could process existing data to help them to make accurate decisions on marine, storage and cargo through algorithms or compute complex logics.

Virtual Reality

V.R. is kind of digital analyze that and performs in 3D, perform trial runs on the actual operations increase efficiency and allows safer and decision-making.