Brief about iNauka System

iNauka is the most advanced mobile & web application developed on open source technologies.
iNauka is a modern SaaS platform with an open interface access via cloud platform- it eases the connection with different carrier and important back office interfaces.

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Application drives on core Functionalities

Vessel Registration

A one time registration process opens the portal for the most convenient means of booking an appointment for pick up and deliveries. Once registered, the company has access to the various features provided in this most flexible application for vehicle bookings.

Trace & Track

Long queues and waiting times are a thing of the past, but now VBS allows prior appointments to be scheduled, thus eliminating delays in pickup and drop. These can be modified or cancelled and rescheduled to a different date/time, as per availability.

Booking uploads

This Functionality helps terminal staff to manage peak times like endless queues, frustrated drivers and thus reduces waiting time for everyone. Shorter turnaround time definitely ensures efficient productivity.

Revenue for round voyages

Equipment and manpower can be pre allocated and be made available to resources as indicated in the appointment. This would eliminate delays caused due to non availability as well as ensure proper utilization of the same.

Realtime updates

Companies are alerted of any modification to their appointment in real time through instant messaging. Various status updates can be shared to keep customers abreast on the latest information. Manage of the unit with its key is well handled by our system.

More Productivity & Less paper work

Resourceful use of time and machines generates enhanced productivity. This in turn leads to better work performance that helps to achieve the goal of reduced work load and happier employees.

Realtime Dashboards

Dashboard mirrors the queue at the gate, thus helps to track current status at any given point of time. Users may have all the real time live data, streaming onto the dashboard.

Analytical & Detailed Reports

Real time data ensures we give up to date detailed reports generated to our users which enhanced analysis and planning. These can be analysed to understand the trucking behaviour at the terminal. Customized reports available on request.

Mobile Friendly App

Most operations are available on the hand held scanners at site. These are extremely convenient to use at location and a single scan helps upload truck information onto the system. Live updates and alerts can also be sent across mobiles.

iNauka Functional Modules


For better cargo bookings and consignment Agreements upon Terminal approvals.


Vessel allocations & complete end-to-end track of Vessel movement operations.


Planning the future process for Berth, Vessel of every cargo Operations.


Automate the process for Berth, Vessel Operations.


Core operations for all cargo vessels as per the workflow within the terminal.


Easy document uploads and easily documented after the completion of vessel.


Invoice generated for all the day to day activities and integrated with other EPR and Other 3rd party interface.


EDI Integration for all Cargo commodity Vessels.


KPI tracked for immediate action through live dashboards and also analyse day to day activities in report wise.


Key Operations, Alerts and push notifications enabled on Mobile devices.